Why The Frisky Pixie?

The FRISKY PIXIE: (fris-kee pick-see)


A mythical little creature who is lively, playful, mischievous, and sometimes a bit naughty.


The Frisky Pixie is your spot for kick ass indie! We love creative and trendy makeup and scents! Why blend in?!


The Frisky Pixie products were created for badasses, rockstars, adventurers, rule-breakers, trouble-makers…basically for those who may have a frisky streak (hidden or overt) they need to unleash.


Our founder and chief formulator has over 20 years’ experience formulating cosmetics of all variations so you get the benefit of years of research and testing. Our products work HARD to bring you high pigmentation, long lasting wear, unique colors and makeup that actually IMPROVES your skin! One swipe and you'll be hooked.


* * *


What sets THE FRISKY PIXIE apart from the others online? * trendy colors...we are obsessed with the latest trends straight off the runway!

* made by a chick who KNOWS MAKEUP, and has been working in makeup & making cosmetics for the last 20 years (no newbie recipes here!)

* exclusive custom-blended colors (none of this repackaging stuff!)

* long wearing professional-grade formulas (natural doesn't have to mean it wimps out after a couple hours of wear)

* beneficial ingredients (skin loves our minerals, oils, extracts and vitamins)

* innovative and creative products (our evil makeup geniuses are always hard at work) that are TESTED by humans long before they reach your hands

* guarantee (why would you buy from someone who doesn't stand behind their products?!?!)


P.S. Why skimp when your face is the most important thing? What's the first thing someone looks at? Your face! Your skin reveals a lot about you- your age, your lifestyle, your diet, etc...treat it kindly and it will return the favor!