Wholesale Inquiries

Bring Our Innovative and Creative Organic Cosmetics to Your Customers!


The Frisky Pixie is a newly launched (and rapidly growing) professional cosmetics brand with a growing following. Your customers will appreciate being exposed to an up-and-coming brand with exceptional products in trend-setting colors.
We are always taking inquiries for retail partnerships.
Are you interested in having your own line of eye shadow, lip gloss or perfume? We make it easy!

* Don't spend decades learning how to formulate high-quality products.

* No need to offer the same boring colors that everyone sells when you go through one of the big private label suppliers.

* Don't worry about investing thousands on an opening order or ordering hundreds of pieces.

We make it easy for you to start small. We offer low minimum orders and formulas so you can create a brand exactly tailored to your niche. We can help you create a memorable and successful beauty brand! What are you waiting for?