• CHOCOLATE Layering Perfume Oil
  • CHOCOLATE Layering Perfume Oil
  • CHOCOLATE Layering Perfume Oil

CHOCOLATE Layering Perfume Oil


'Choose Your Own Adventure' Layering Perfume Oil

One Little Drop Can Start a Whole New Adventure...

CHOCOLATE: Rich, sweet, dark chocolate and burnt sugar. Every girl's favorite!

Blends perfectly with: almond, orange, sandalwood, vanilla.


The concept of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ is a throwback to the nostalgic books we all loved as a child. Instead of a linear narrative, you could make all the decisions...good or bad. You had the freedom and power to take charge and control your own destiny. One small decision could change everything. The idea is that little occurrences can have major impacts by igniting a small chain of reaction.

We want you to experience a little chain reaction of your own. All it takes is a teeny catalyst to embark on a new adventure and shake things up in life. Who knows what may come from a new scent?

***These oils are meant to be layered.***

Layered, how? For body fragrance- Simply put 1-2 drops of each scent on a pulse point (wrists are perfect), then rub together to blend. For home fragrance- put 3-4 drops of each scent in an oil burner for an amazingly scented environment. Experiment with the amounts to find your perfect balance.

They are delicious on their own, but the real magic comes in when you experience what unfolds when you combine them with other Choose Your Own Adventure Perfume Oils to unlock all sorts of unique fragrances. Every day you can have a new olfactory adventure!

Served up in 10ml euro dropper bottles, for precise application.

VEGAN. Ingredients: Organic Coconut/Grapeseed Oils, Phthalate-Free Fragrance. May Contain Essential Oils or Absolutes.
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