• PERSEPHONE Luxury Perfume Oil- Spiced Apples, Bonfire, Brown Sugar, Peppercorn, Amber

PERSEPHONE Luxury Perfume Oil- Spiced Apples, Bonfire, Brown Sugar, Peppercorn, Amber


The Most Luxurious Perfume You've Ever Experienced!

The perfect scent to rule the Underworld.

According to ancient Greek mythology, Persephone is wife to Hades and Queen of the Underworld. Legend says, Hades abducted the beguiling Persephone to be his bride, and when her father Zeus tried get her to return Hades agreed on the condition she had not eaten anything during her time in the Underworld. At the last moment, he presented a pomegranate seed to the unknowing maiden, sealing her fate.

This is our homage to the Goddess of the harvest and Queen of the Underworld, Persephone. We start with an ample bounty of apples and spice, a touch of pear rounds out fruit notes. We layer this atop a smoky bonfire of charred pine and cedar, heliotrope, amber, sandalwood and hints of burnt sugar. Then, we sprinkle peppercorn, clove and nutmeg onto the fire. Of course, we add a drop of pomegranate to make this perfume exquisitely on fire.


Perfume oils are amazing because they work with your body chemistry to create a totally unique scent, custom to you! The scent soaks into your skin, reactivated by body heat. Long lasting and highly concentrated, you will not need to reapply! All the while, being discrete...scent the skin you want to draw someone in. No need to spray all over your body or clothes.

Perfume oil is packaged in 10ml amber bottles with European dropper tops & beautifully labeled.

The Frisky Pixie's perfumes are all hand-blended, unique fragrances, crafted to create the ultimate in olfactory experience. We combine the natural essential oils & (phthalate free!) fragrances together in new blends to delight, surprise, arouse, entice and excite you. They are then infused in dark glass bottles left to fully age before we package them, for the maximum scent harmony.

All scents are exclusive to The Frisky Pixie.

Vegan. Ingredients: Soy Oil*, Grapeseed Oil*, Fractionated Coconut Oil*, Fragrance, Essential Oils, Vitamin E.

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